FABster \’fab-stər\ n: noun — one who is Fifty And Beyond


Thank you for visiting us here at Fabulous Fabsters. In August 2015, I launched the website “My Contents Have Shifted” because I wanted to build an online community of women who were interested in sharing their experiences about being FAB. I didn’t know where it would go but I knew that I wanted it to be led by the Fabster community.  As I had hoped, the feedback has been both positive and supportive.

I noticed with great interest that the Fabulous Fabster section of “My Contents Have Shifted” invoked a particularly strong response. Each of the three women who generously shared their stories; photographer, Kristin Perers; online home wares retailer, Celine Lynch; and the queen of shopkeepers, Pauline Flynn garnered many comments — gushing, I might add — and it was apparent to me that you as readers are very interested in what other women are doing and how they are owning FAB.

You found the first three Fabulous Fabsters so inspiring that I became obsessed with telling more Fabster stories. I won’t have to look far. We are many and all special in our own way — a fact we often forget in our predisposition to be hard on ourselves. Sometimes another woman’s story will help us to reflect on our own. And at other times, we may be contemplating ways to change our narrative. In the spirit of sharing and learning from each other, I welcome you to join our village of Fabulous Fabsters.

In the meantime, I’ll still be writing on My Contents Have Shifted where I will concentrate on my personal experiences of being FAB. And when I’m not working on these two sites, I can be found contributing to Remodelista and Gardenista.

I look forward to running into you in the village, wherever that may be.

All the best, Christine Chang Hanway.


Above: Enjoying some quiet time with Fabster Christa D’Souza’s book The Hot Topic: A Life-changing look at the Change of Life. Photography by Fiona Bailey.