f²: On the 5th Day of Christmas

Above: An assortment of Sian’s gold ring designs, including the Senate Ring, the Solid Solitaire Ring and the Signet Ring. Sian’s rings are all handmade and often with ancient techniques that result in textures and unique markings.

On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love followed the playbook and gave to me 5 gold rings from London-based designer and ethical — of course — jeweller Sian Evans.

After a successful career of designing fashion jewellery in the 80’s and 90’s where she was producing 4 collections a year for the fashion weeks in London, Paris  and New York and her jewellery was selling in the States, Japan, Europe, Sian decided she wanted to create jewellery in a different way.

“I am very interested in where the materials I use come from and I use a lot of recycled materials. It’s not one hundred percent but it is something I am working towards,” Sian says. “And from this way of working, I am receiving a good number of commissions from individuals who have old family jewels that are either broken or in a style not to their taste. I take and rework these old pieces into new jewels. I’m not doing damage to any ecosystem or at least as little as I can and none has had suffer because they have been working in terrible conditions in the middle of the amazon jungle, digging gold out of sweltering pits.”

Above: After — A set of rings that Sian has repurposed from a client’s existing set of jewellery.
Above: Before — The set jewellery that a client brought to Sian to rethink, redesign and remake.

If you want to know more about Sian and her jewellery design and making process, read Slow Jewellery Stories: Sian Evans.

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