f²: On the 11th Day of Christmas

Still life of garlic, red chilli pepper, ginger lemons and jar of Dr. Ben Kim's cold/flu tonic.

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave me the gift of health in a mason jar — Dr. Ben Kim’s Strep Throat, Cold and Flu Tonic — a homemade, daily tonic to help keep you free from illness through the winter.

A chiropractor with a degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Illinois and over twenty years of clinical experience, Dr. Ben Kim started his website in 2003 to support clients of his who were interested in learning about self health care. With over 5 million unique visitors and more than 120 million page views in 2016, his expertise and advice on health are in demand. “Throughout 20 years of private practice in the United States and Canada, my guiding principle has always been simple: treat and advise everyone as I do my own family,” he says. “I believe that through our daily choices, all of us have a great deal of power over the level of health we experience.”

With ingredients like garlic, onions, red chilli peppers, ginger, lemon and cider vinegar, the tonic harnesses heat and packs a punch. It can be used as a prophylactic or a fast acting remedy, depending on the quantity and frequency as recommended by Dr. Kim. Since October, I have been taking at least 1 teaspoon a day and have successfully managed to avoid a cold or flu this Autumn. Various friends and family have also reported on the tonic’s effectiveness and keep asking for the recipe. So what are you waiting for? Start chopping. Your loved ones will be eternally grateful.

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