Cucumber Clothing: 24/7 Loungewear

Bianca Jagger, Studio 54, jumpsuit, loungewear
Above: Bianca Jagger displays her disco dancing skills in a jumpsuit.

With loungewear, there’s a very fine line between what you can wear in public and what you don’t. Permanently Jet Lagged Husband (PJLH) and I have been together for more than thirty years and we still can’t agree on where that line is. For me the overriding issue comes down to maximum comfort with minimal effort. On a Sunday morning, I think nothing of going to the corner shop in my Petit Bateau boys’ PJ’s. Who can tell when you cover it all up with a coat?

For him, a New Yorker to the core and a child of the Mad Men generation, there’s always a sense of propriety to maintain. Guess which one of us goes through the trouble of packing a set of comfortable clothing to change into on long haul flights?  PJLH, of course.  I, on the other hand, follow the precedent set by our two twenty-something sons and waltz gaily onto the airplane wearing track-suit bottoms. When the four of us travel together, PJLH pretends he doesn’t know us.

Recently, I came across Cucumber — a revolutionary line of comfortable clothing and nightwear, made from an intelligent sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you fresh with its patented bacteria-eliminating properties. I was intrigued by their Navy Jumpsuit. Think stylish and cool both day and night — what more could you ask for? Wondering if this might be a viable upgrade to my usual airplane, track-suit attire, I decided to order it after reading rave reviews from previously satisfied customers.

“How do you think this outfit looks?,” I asked PJLH as I paraded in front of him, wearing the navy jumpsuit.  Always wary when those words come out of my mouth, he went for his default answer, “They look like pyjamas.” “No, they don’t.” “Yes, they do.” A few minutes later, after I had put on a pair of cork wedge sandals, I tried again. “I think with heels, I look like I am channeling 1970’s Bianca Jagger and Studio 54 — quite successfully, I might add — don’t you agree?” “No, now it just looks like you’re wearing heels with your pyjamas.”

I could sense at that moment that I was not going to win my argument. Thirty years of marriage have taught me that more times than not, PJLH eventually comes around to agreeing with me — pretending it was his idea all along, of course. I have kept the jumpsuit knowing how much travel use I am going to get out of it — on the airplane and off. Not only is it super comfortable, but its wicking properties will help me moderate all sorts of tricky climatic conditions that I might encounter — both internally and externally. Its super tech fabric which washes easily and hang dries quickly means I can pack light — a bonus on short haul trips. We’re going to Italy for 8 days at the beginning of March — hiking around the ancient ruins of Sicily with friends for 5 days and sightseeing in Rome with No. 1 Son and his girlfriend for the weekend. This jumpsuit is so versatile that I imagine I’ll be wearing it to dinner in Sicily and for daytime sightseeing in Rome. When PJLH hears how many compliments I receive, he will begrudgingly agree to move that fine line closer to mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dearest!  Xtine

Cucumber clothing jumpsuit, loungewear
Above: What would Bianca think?

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  1. You look wonderful in that jumpsuit. I love it but fear it would be too long for me being a mere 5ft 2″ tall.
    I love how you highlight smaller brands I would never otherwise know about, keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much! You’ll be pleased to know that I am only 5′-2″ tall as well. I was also worried that the jumpsuit would be too long for me and that I would have to shorten it, but the length is perfect with a mid-height heel like the clogs I’m wearing. All the best, Xtine

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