f²: On the 4th Day of Christmas

Landscape painting by Sibella Makower and pottery by James Burnett-Stuart
Above: Sibella Makower’sTowards Belmontet‘ depicts the colours of the landscape of southwestern France. POA. The glazes of James Burnett-Stuart’s earthy ceramics are influenced by the countryside of Hertfordshire.

On the 4th day of Christmas, my true love gave me the colours of the landscape as curated through the eyes of Georgina Williams, founder of the newly launched online gallery Emery House Design.

After many years of working with British designers and craftsmen, Georgina Williams founded Emery House Design to work with makers and artists who, inspired by their landscapes, create timeless, soulful pieces that stand alone but resonate together. She is currently showing the work of Sibella Makower, James Burnett-Stuart and Laura’s Loom.

Emery House Design pieces are sold online, by appointment and at select shows throughout the year. For more information, contact Georgina here.

British landscape — Emery House
Above: “My aesthetic is influenced by a childhood in the hills of Cumbria and now, by life near the river in London,” Georgina says. “Colour and texture are incredibly important to me – I find inspiration and calm in the landscape, the water, the sky, in the colours and the contours of nature.”
Cumbrian Summer Blanket by Laura's Loom, Emery House.
Above: A Limited Edition Cumbrian Summer Blanket by Laura’s Loom adds its own colours to the interior landscape, £145. “Laura’s work is entirely rooted and inspired by the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales,” Georgina says. “Laura oversees the entire process of making; collecting the fleece at the farm gate, sorting, washing, spinning and weaving, to ensure the very highest quality. The results of this labour of love, are award winning, limited edition, ethical textiles, a year in the making.”

Artichokes, Emery House

Green Jug by James Burnett-Stuart
Above: An Green Jug by James Burnett-Stuart speaks of kitchen gardens, 17cm tall x 15 cm wide, £68.

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