f²: On the 2nd Day of Christmas

Linen guest towel with blue circle of embroidery - Chiarastella
Above: The simplicity of the Cerchio Guest Towel appeals to my deep appreciation of Circles and infinite wholeness of life they represent. Woven in 100% linen with a double circle of embroidery, 36 x 48 cm (14″ x 19″), €11.50, VAT excluded.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, my true love gave me the gift of everyday exotica from Chiarastella Cattana, an Italian fabric designer based in Venice whose work weaves traditional craftsmanship with contemporary colours and patterns. After working in the fast paced industry of the ready-to-wear fashion industry in Milan, Chiarastella decided she wanted to work with textiles in a slower way, using traditional methods of production to inform her designs. My visit last year to her Venetian studio cum shop —  located in a former 17th century “scuola“ — revealed an enticing old world of luxury combined with a refreshing modern day practicality. And with the launch of her online shop last month, her signature designs can now come to you.

Blue Shibusa placemat by Chiaratella Cattana
Above: Chiarastella’s Shibusa Placemats are inspired by the seven elements of Shibusa — a Japanese word which refers to an aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. These woven jacquard placemats capture the subtle “muddy” colours of Shibusa intermixed with grey that creates a silvery effect to tie the different colours together — a welcome backdrop to every meal. Jacquard yarn-dyed woven in 50% linen 50% cotton, 35 x 42 cm (10″ x 17″), €18.00, VAT excluded.
Linen jacquard towel with tree woven in - Chiarastella Cattana
Above: The Tree Towel’s off-scale pattern is Chiarastella’s homage to nature and the tree as a symbol of eternal essence, protection and primordial force. This linen will look its best after several washes and as the jacquard of the foliage softens, the fabric develops its own patina that is soft to the touch. Jacquard yarn-dyed woven in 50% linen, 55 x 110 cm (22 “x 43”), €38, VAT excluded.
Chiarastella Cattana display case
Above: Everyday exotica with a touch of luxury at Chiarastella Cattana.

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