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Prescient Pantry — Fabulous Fabsters
Above: A well designed Prescient Pantry. Photography courtesy of Plain English Kitchens.

I’m not typically one for magic and the dark arts but with Halloween fast approaching, the domestic witch in me is conjuring up the Prescient Pantry.

About eighteen months ago, after a long winter of many colds and flus, I took action and embarked on a journey to better health by seeing a nutritionist. As a result, my eating habits have changed and out of necessity so have my shopping habits. In my commitment to feeding my family well, I am cooking more in order to avoid prepared foods — yes, that means takeaways too. As I began to appreciate the fresh variety of local and seasonal bounty, I realised that my time-saving and efficient weekly shop was no longer sufficient.

Prescient Pantry — Fabulous Fabsters
Above: Onions, garlic and lemons are definitely on my list of pantry staples. Photography courtesy of British Standard/Plain English Kitchens.

I don’t mind the cooking or even the cleaning. Making sure the pantry or larder is always stocked with key staples and fresh ingredients to hand so that a nutritious meal can be cooked at short notice is the part that I find stressful. And this is how I came up with the Prescient Pantry — an all knowing, all seeing, magical pantry that automatically replenishes itself with family food favourites. Its internal diary allows it to contract and expand depending on everyone’s schedule from university term times to husbands who are constantly on the road. It can even tell when you’re away on holiday and more importantly, when you’re back!

N.B.: This post was first published in My Contents Have Shifted on 25 October 2015.

Prescient Pantry — Fabulous Fabsters

What’s in your Prescient Pantry?

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